How well do you speak spanish?

I don't really know what to put in here so I guess I'll just type in random things okay well I still have a few to go so its not as fun as I thought it would be yes, Im done.

Well I thought I was done then I get this. Anyways hope you like my quiz its a firts of many that I will be making so enjoy and have fun. I said have fun so stop reading this and take the quiz.

Created by: God_of_War
  1. I will start with simple stuff. What does Si mean?
  2. What does Que mean?
  3. Now for the harder stuff. Me gusta la comida means?
  4. Puedo saber tu nombre means?
  5. tambien te quiero
  6. Odio a mi hermano
  7. El odio ha empeorado
  8. La muerte es miedo
  9. Me encanta esta cancion
  10. Me encanta la vida

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Quiz topic: How well do I speak spanish?