would my spanish teacher like you

There are many people in the world, ones who have good grades, some who dont, some who are class clowns, some that aren't, some that speak spanish, some that dont.

Do YOU think you might impress my spanish teachers... who are really tough by the way. Probably NOT but if you do wow impressive. Well if you want to find out or just take the quiz for fun... DO IT ITS MY FIRST QUIZ!!!

Created by: waterlover999

  1. do you speak spanish?
  2. If you took spanish (or if you do) would you participate in it?
  3. do you like pie? DOESNT COUNT
  4. if you took spanish (or if you do) would you talk during the class?
  5. if you took spanish (or if you do) would you fool around in class?
  6. are you litte ms/mr perfect?
  7. are you two faced (if you dont know what that means then its someone who is nice around teachers but rude around students . . . sometimes)
  8. are you a bully?
  9. im running out of q so im gonna put random ones but they dont count ok heres the question... whats your fav color
  10. what color are your eyes?

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