do you love your teacher

There are many teacher lovers but some love their teachers too much so when you take this quiz you will find out where you stand.It takes guts but if you love your teacher you are really gonna have to find out one day or another aren't you??????????

You could sit in your room and wonder all day do i love my teacher...but thanks to this fantastic quiz you could find out right now but that all depends on how daring you are,go on don't be a whimp do you love your teacher??????????

Created by: ac
  1. what primary are you in at school
  2. what gender are you
  3. what gender is your teacher
  4. have you ever had sex
  5. have you ever been in a relationship with someone alot older than you
  6. does your teacher show you affection
  7. do you let your teacher tell you what to do
  8. do you move closer to your teacher to try to get them to notice you
  9. do you hint to your teacher that you like them
  10. FINAL QUESTION do you think you love your teacher

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Quiz topic: Do I love my teacher