Which teacher of mine do you best resemble

There are people who are my teachers and there are people which resemble my teachers. You might even be like a twin of my teacher. Maybe..............

Do you resemble one of my teachers? Do you have the same types of favorites that MY teacher has? Take this quiz to find out. WARNING: You might be bored during the quiz.

Created by: Depends

  1. What is your favorite kind of show?
  2. What type of phone do you own?
  3. What type of songs do you listen to?
  4. What do you usually wear?
  5. What car brand would you like to drive / or already have.
  6. Favorite color?
  7. Which celebrity name do you usually mention. (For hating reasons or not.)
  8. What do you think about your life?
  9. Do you like kids?
  10. Last question: Are you usually positive?

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Quiz topic: Which teacher of mine do I best resemble