How Hellmouthed are you?

Living on the Hellmouth can get to people, they have the habit of turning evil, killing their teachers and sometimes going invisible. Those who are Hellmouthed have seen and been through some of these anomallies.

Are you Hellmouthed? Do you consider yourself a expert on the paranormal? Have you ever faced a vampire or stoped a ghost from shoting a teacher? If so take this test and see just how much the hellmouth has gotten to you.

Created by: angel

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  1. What year was buffy first aired on TV?
  2. What is Buffy's middle name
  3. Who Xander's friend that died in the first episode of Buffy
  4. What did Xander give buffy in "Witch"?
  5. What did Buffy do when she first meet Angel?
  6. What was the nick name Buffy gave Angel in season one?
  7. How does Buffy desribe the bronze to her mum in the first episode in a joke
  8. On Buffy's 17th Birthday in a dream willow is at the bronze and it talking to what
  9. What weapon did Darla use in the episode "Angel"
  10. When does Spike come to Sunnydale?
  11. When does Giles get fired ?
  12. What killed the Judge ?
  13. When was the first hint about Dawn?
  14. When did Xander first get accused of being gay?
  15. How long was Buffy dead after "The Gift"
  16. What was the first thing Willow ever said to Buffy?
  17. When did Buffy and Xander do the SEXY dance?
  18. How did Princeble Flutie describe Buffy's transcripts?

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Quiz topic: How Hellmouthed am I?