Should you become an invisible ninja?

I really know nothing about real ninjas. But what I know about invisible ninjas is that they're awesome. I created this quiz to see if you'd be a suitable invisible ninja.

Why are you reading this? Well, why? You know you are not authorized to read this paragraph. Get out. Now. Be gone. You do not have permission to read this. You do realize I am wasting your time, right?

Created by: amazon

  1. Are you awesome?
  2. A lot of the time, does it seem as if you're invisible?
  3. Nunchucks.
  4. Do you like wearing black?
  5. Are you very stealthy?
  6. So... I'm guessing the reason you're taking this quiz is because you either want to be a ninja, are bored, or a combination of the two.
  7. Which is the best way to defend you and your fellow ninjas against a chicken army?
  8. Just a quick question. Would you ever go to school/work dressed like a ninja?
  9. Are you ready for your results?
  10. Bye.
  11. This quiz was created on Friday the 13th. Therefore, it needs thirteen questions.

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Quiz topic: Should I become an invisible ninja?