Are you a ninja?

do you know what ninjas are? they are calm, focused, fast, and skilled. are YOU one of the few epic ninjas in this world? you might be, but you must prove yourself worthy.

So are you a true ninja? do you match their qualities? who knows? but you may match them perfectly if you got 100% on this test. so what are you waiting for? go on!

Created by: aleckszick

  1. what's your favorite color?
  2. if you saw a katana (ninja sword) what would you do?
  3. if two evil ninja's jumped out at you, would you...
  4. if you had a mission and you were allowed to bring a friend, who would you bring?
  5. if you were given the ninja rank of sensei, what would you do?
  6. what's your favorite food?
  7. what's you favorite video game?
  8. what attribute fits you?
  9. are you taller than 3' 5"? (ANSWER TRUTHFULLY)
  10. do you weigh less than 300 lbs.? (ANSWER TRUTHFULLY)
  11. do you have a phone?

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Quiz topic: Am I a ninja?