Are you a True Ninja?

Do you think your a smart person? flexible, and good at solving problems? Plz take this ninja quiz and see if you really are its a story about you leading a normal life when you soon descover some dark secarets! If you like this plz rate and comment!

Do you have what it takes to be a true ninja? If you do, or think you do, take this quiz! its a story type quiz and you tell what happens next! Please comment.

Created by: marshmellowkitty
  1. you wake up one morning, go downstairs, and make yourself breakfast. you are in the middle of eating when you hear a strange noise. you
  2. you decide to keep eating,and you hear the noise again, but this time the noise is louder.
  3. you go to investigate and the noise leads you to your pantry. You open it and see some dudes in suites and they have guns.
  4. they see you and grab your arms and tie you to a chair while you try to fight yourself off the chair they point their gun at you and say ''Where is it!''
  5. you look at them in confusion. ''Im gunna ask you one more time! said the guy pointing the gun at you, Where is it!''''Wheres what?!'' you saay still a bit confused.
  6. ''Wheres what?'' you finnally say,the two guys look at you then the guy with the gun says ''call the boss.'' and leaves the room with the other guy. nows my chance you say to your self and you...
  7. you untie yourself and search for a weapon, but then the floor is shaking all around you and then it crashes down. You fall and then hit something hard wich makes you pass out
  8. You wake up moments later and find yourself in a dark room. You cant see anything,but then you hear one guy "Where is he!'' then you hear ''Hey look!, he must of fell in this whole! cmon!'' then you get up and start running unaware of where you are going. you fall every now and then, then you start walking. One foot in front then the other you say to yourself. Then as u put one foot in front of you and realize there is no surface beneath. You are about to fall off a cliff.
  9. you felt around you but there was no way across. You could faintly hear the two guys behind you so you had a plan.
  10. by the time you could see the dark figures you dashed out of the way but they saw the cliff and stopped. ''Its a cliff.'' said one of them, '' Do you think he/she fell?'' but one of them patted the other guys shoulder and pointed. It took you a while to realize he was pointing at you. "Get her/him!" you had no idea what todo, so you did one thing. You jumped!
  11. The cliff might have seemed far going down, but it wasnt. you were in another room, but this time there was a light. You clicked it on and a dim light showed the small room. there was a couch and in front of it was a small T.V. and aside was a small table with a video tape.
  12. You look at the tape, there isnt anything saying what it is so you walk over to the T.V. and put it in, turn on the T.V. and watch it.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! SRY! if U wanna no what happens, then search Are you a True Ninja P2!! PLZ comment!

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