What Ninja Ranking are You

Ninja's are wise fighters that originated in China. Though they snuck into our minds like a stealthy eagle. Find out what rank of your favorite class of fighter you are!

A fighter, a master, a sneak...Does one of these define you? Find out what you would amount to in the ninja class. This quiz will help you find the true ninja in you!

Created by: Nathan Long
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  1. You are sent to a distant realm to oversee the construction of a safe-hold for passing travelers. You are suddenly attacked by a band of Axeman...would do you do?
  2. You are sitting overlooking your city, when you spot a man about to get murdered. You:
  3. You're at training class when a bully comes and pushes you to the edge of the pool. You:
  4. You're on a mission to decide whether you pass, when a band of fierce Northern Ninjas come to take your goods. You:
  5. What is your favorite power?
  6. Your army is falling apart, and your enemies army is closing on the right. But, re-enforcements are on the left. Do you:
  7. What do you think is the highest mission ranking?
  8. You are riding in a transport to help in a ground battle, when a fleet of enemy aircraft attack. You:
  9. Your assignment is to draw everything you see in our city. Do you:
  10. You find a secret note decrypted as: 1 2..4%%merry Kid It means:

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