The Ultimate Ninja Quiz

For thousands for years, the art of ninjaism has been practiced throughout Asia. Now, the practice is becoming more and more common in the western world.

Are you a ninja? Though you may be sly and silent, do you have true potential to be accpeted into the Society of Ninjas? If you believe you do, proceed.

Created by: Master San

  1. Preferred weapon:
  2. What is the most important ninja skill?
  3. Compare yourself to an animal:
  4. Where did you recieve the mission to take this quiz?
  5. What is a TRUE ninja color?
  6. What does it mean to be a ninja?
  7. Hiding spot of choice?
  8. I am...
  9. Who, in your opinion, is the greatest Asian of all time?
  10. Everybody was
  11. To complete this mission, you will send your results to [no emails]. She will decide if you are a ninja or not.

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