Am I made to become a Test Ninja?

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Tobania has specialized testing services which have a test ninja community who are always looking for other ninja's to improve quality to have more happy people

In september 2019 there will be a test ninja class but you need to have some skills & DNA to join the program. By doing the quiz you know if you can become a test ninja.

Created by: Sebastiaan of Tobania Specialized Testing Services
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  1. When I am using an app or website and it is not working, I
  2. When someone asks you to run the same test 20 times, I
  3. If an application is very slooooow
  4. You a re working together with a friend and you see him/her doing something wrong which lead to a failure
  5. Someones giving you a lot of tasks to do, so you completely get drowned in work
  6. When I am part of a team and they come up with a really bad idea to organise a non-alcoholic BBQ in October
  7. Question 7
  8. question 9
  9. question 10
  10. question another

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