Are you a ninja?

Are you a ninja? This quiz will help you determine the answer to this question. Do you have the skills and knowledge to be an epic ancient Japanese spy? You probably do. Ninjas are awesome.

Have you always dreamt of being a ninja? If so, this is the qui for you! It will test your ninja skills and see if you have the stuff to be a parkour-doing, shuriken-throwing shinobi!

Created by: Sauron

  1. Do you like dark clothes?
  2. Do you like attention?
  3. Do you thirst for adventure?
  4. Would you become a spy if you could?
  5. Do you enjoy exercising?
  6. Can you do any martial arts?
  7. Would a close family member call you sneaky?
  8. Can you do parkour?
  9. Are you quiet?
  10. Do you like to fight?
  11. Do you want to be a ninja?
  12. Which power would you want?
  13. What is another name for a ninja?
  14. What type of weapon does a ninja use?
  15. What do ninjas wear?
  16. Would you rather be...?
  17. Are you patient?
  18. Okay we’re finished

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Quiz topic: Am I a ninja?