How to be a ninja P1 ( blades)

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An elder speaks:Welcome young one....I hear you wish to be a ninja eh? Ah tis true then the ninja are awakening amazing wait your telling me your the child of the forever ninja the all power full ninja?

Out standing amazing hehe maybe you'll be just as amazin as your ol' pa heheha this will be cool and great how ever you old teens are! Ok that was an elder speaking and now back to me ages 10 or higher things might get crazy just for a warning

Created by: Marceline 101

  1. Welcome young one today you will learn the way of the ninja. Now your costume that's your choice but pick wisely now apprentice for if you chose a super bright color there will be consequences... Massive consequences!
  2. Now as a ninja he has weapons choose your own but for now we will use just a plain ninja blade
  3. Now as a ninja he has weapons choose your own but for now we will use just a plain ninja blade
  4. Notice I did it twice this is because all ninja have a back up weapon either two swords or a sword then dagger your choice
  5. Now pick your power that's right you get to pick your ancient power go ahead they don't bite
  6. Perfect now let's begin pull out a sword but even if you didn't pick that it's ok just pull it out
  7. Exes elect now follow my lead and press the exact buttons I do for good sword wielding.. ↗️↘️↔️↕️↖️↘️↔️↕️↙️◀️▶️.... Now your turn apprentice
  8. Now to use your special ability on your sword to make it your element press do these buttons:🎵🎶🎯🀄️🃏🎴🏁🎶🎵.. Just know when you put away your weapon your enchantment where's off now you try
  9. Good very good now ↖️↗️↘️↙️↕️↔️ Stand for the directions of the swing of your blade ↖️=left top,↗️=right top,↙️=left low,↘️=right low,↕️=up and down,↔️=side to side!
  10. Class dismissed see your next class on my profile will be done before March 15th plz goto my gotoquiz profile maybe I'll goto yours too

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