Which One of My Teachers Are You?

Which one of my four last year teachers are you? Are you most like Mrs. McPhee, Mr. Waltner, Miss Dee (Miss Durant), or Mr. Smith? Find out by taking this quiz!

Well have fun and totally enjoy this quiz! I personally can't wait to take it myself. Hehe! I hope that I get Mrs. McPhee cause she's the best! I hope you do too!

Created by: electricice
  1. What subjects would you teach?
  2. What would you prefer to look like? (If you can't choose just pick the one that sounds best or most appealing to you)
  3. What age do you prefer?
  4. Which personality best fits you?
  5. Which subject are you best at?
  6. Which phrase are you most likely to say?
  7. Which name do you like best? (Doesn't matter if your a girl and pick a guy one. Pick your fav.)
  8. You are a teacher because... (Pick fav or which one you'd think would happen)
  9. You... (Pick which evers your fav or close to being true)
  10. You have or have had... (Pick which evers your fav or close to being true)
  11. The kids in the classroom aren't listening, you...
  12. You are supposed to make a speech. You act...
  13. You are known as...
  14. The students would describe you as...
  15. You show your anger...
  16. Which last name do you like best?
  17. Kids?
  18. Candy you like best?
  19. People try to take advantage of you?
  20. Do you think you'd ever be principle or vice-principle?
  21. Are you ever left out of the loop? (People don't tell you everything that they do tell others)

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Quiz topic: Which One of My Teachers am I?