Which JJ's Teacher Are You?

There are very few people who can be as cool as the teachers at JJ's Dance Factory. Everyone wishes they can be just like them because these teachers are the coolest of the cool.

Are you that cool? Are you the coolest of the cool? Can you keep up with the crazy teachers at JJ's? Take this amazingly awesome quiz and you will soon know.

Created by: Charlotte
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  1. What is your favorite JJ's recital dance?
  2. How would you prefer to spend class time?
  3. What are your feelings on patriotic dances?
  4. Masks. . .
  5. Thoroughly Modern Millie
  6. What are your feelings on reusing dances?
  7. What is JJ's best known for?
  8. What is your favorite outfit to wear to dance?
  9. If a dancer doesn't understand a step what is the best way to correct them?
  10. What is the best method for playing music?

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Quiz topic: Which JJ's Teacher am I?