Will You Make A Good Teacher?

There are many people in the world wishing to be a teacher. Many of them aren't actually good enough. You must prove that you are good enough! Now! Now I say!

This is a goo quiz for being a teacher? Did tht make any sense? I dunno. Let's just ait and have some teas and biscuits...I'm sure we can come to some...arrangement.

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  1. A pupil eats a worksheet. What do you do?
  2. The toilet is clogged. What would you do?
  3. What is "nub" meant to be?
  4. Is playing Pop music in a class of metal/rock fans a good idea?
  5. A pupil asks why a rule is there. What is the best reply?
  6. Are all students idiots?
  7. Is the anti fizzy drink rule good?
  8. What is Sum 41?
  9. Is Pizza full of cheese?
  10. Is school good for everyone?

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Quiz topic: Will I Make A Good Teacher?