How Good A Teacher Are You?

Are you a born teacher? Are you motivated, learning-focused and results-driven? Or are you a work-shy, inspection-fearing excuse for an educator? This handy test (not Gove approved) will tell you if you're a perfect practitioner or -god help you - UNSATISFACTORY.

By answering just a few simple questions you will find out the brutally honest truth about whether you should be maximising learning gains in the classroom, or whether you should return to that job strangling chickens in a factory for minimum wage. Roll up teachers, roll up - only this quiz will tell you if you are in the right career...

Created by: manglewurzel
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  1. I began teaching because...
  2. I see parents...
  3. "Assessment is..."
  4. How do you feel about coffee?
  5. Your lessons are...
  6. Which answer best describes your classwork books?
  7. What do you call the short people that visit you every day?
  8. Michael Gove.
  9. The Headteacher is coming to observe you today. Your approach?
  10. How do you display children's work?
  11. How do you feel at 3pm?
  12. What do you do with your end-of-term gifts?
  13. What time do you get in to work?

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Quiz topic: How Good A Teacher am I?