Does your teacher like you?

Have you had a weird feeling that your teacher likes you? Do you like your teacher and wonder if he/she likes you too? There are many things that teachers do that may be signs of affection towards students.

Take this quiz now to find out just how much your teacher likes you! Stop wondering if your teacher has feelings for you and take this quick quiz to see your results! Good luck and have fun!

Created by: gina
  1. Does your teacher have a pet name for you?
  2. When walking down the hallway, and your teacher walks by, what does he or she do?
  3. Does you teacher ever compliment you ever or when in front of the class?
  4. Do you think your teacher likes you?
  5. Does he/she pick on you more than others for questions during class?
  6. Does your teacher ever tease you or playfully make fun of you?
  7. Do you like your teacher?
  8. If your teacher is also a coach of one of your sports, does he treat you differently or help you more than others?
  9. How much do you have in common with your teacher?
  10. During class does your teacher ever help your grades?
  11. Has your teacher ever complemented how you look?
  12. Has your teacher ever touched you playfully or more than playfully, like a hug?
  13. Did you have fun taking this quiz?

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