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  • I took this bc i wanted to see what the quiz would say. It said they dont like me in that way. But idk and it wasnt just me it was all the girls who would get looks by are gym teacher. If u were standing and he wanted to say something to u he would walk closer and closer to u while looking u up and down even if u walked back a little he still would invaid ur personal space. And he would put his hand on ur shoulder and sometimes call u nick names. Yeahhh i dont care what this quiz say he is definatly a creep

    Somegirl192001 Jun 23 '18, 11:10PM
  • hoo..I thought my teacher loves me so much...but...

    niranjani Mar 16 '16, 9:26AM
  • did u find this.

    niranjani Mar 16 '16, 9:25AM
  • Uhh I thought it was does your teacher like you in a student way I'm a girl and so is she plus she's 40 years older then me yeah I'm serious I know host old my teacher is

    Sophiaiscool Oct 7 '15, 12:31AM
  • Free spellcasting

    MollyR Jul 13 '15, 5:51AM
  • I thought it was how much the teacher likes you as a STUDENT! That's weird, dating your teacher! I'm a girl, and so is my teacher. I took this quiz because I wanted to know if she liked me. But not that way! Who kisses their students? Please, delete this quiz! Only weirdos who are desperate for love need to know if their teacher feels the same. Besides, they could already be married!

    Teacher - Hey, John.
    John- What.
    Teacher- I love you, John.
    John- Me too.
    Principle- Hey, Ms.
    Teacher- I got a boyfriend. It's 1st grade John.
    Principle- *vomiting on the fax machine*
    See how gross it is? It's inhumane.

    silverkitty4000 May 22 '15, 7:44AM
  • O percent...

    Yay exotic May 3 '15, 12:09AM
  • I thought this was just an innocent quiz about if your teacher likes you as a student... I was WRONG...

    Frostire May 2 '15, 2:17PM
  • 49%

    User Mar 28 '15, 10:44PM
  • Dang it! Here I thought this was a cute little quiz on if your teacher thought you were a good student and a nice person but NO...

    KilljoyRainbow Mar 26 '15, 2:07PM
  • 0% for one of my teachers... My high score on my teachers is 38%

    Cvm88888 Mar 19 '15, 7:31PM
  • 68% O_O whoa this is weird

    Teachers pet Mar 8 '15, 12:12AM
  • 25% tap hank God. Wouldn't want to date my teacher O.O

    Mysterious Cat Feb 3 '15, 4:47PM
  • Just got creeped our

    Bean117 Feb 3 '15, 12:54PM
  • lmao 0%

    zanny213 Jan 4 '15, 12:18PM
  • 0% for one of my teachers

    Rockblock Nov 18 '14, 8:14PM

    DRAMAGIRL Oct 9 '14, 7:48PM
  • Oh...i thought it was like "how does your teacher like you as a student" but....okay?

    Diudi Mar 25 '14, 6:32PM
  • got the hots for my teacher not gonna lie here he hot! don't tell mr kevin

    i luv kevin Mar 23 '14, 12:12AM
  • This a creepy quiz >.>

    Jade66sick Nov 10 '13, 7:35PM
  • Dafuq did I just read? 0_0

    UnLoving Nov 8 '13, 6:34PM

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