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  • "Ditto.Yeah I'm ashamed that I'm back on here this is why I hate self quarantine so much it has me very bored x)"
  • Quarantine
    "I'm an introverted person but being home 24/7 without my work or seeing friends is pissing me off.I wanted to see my friends band play but t..."
  • "WatermeLONE"
  • "17? I think?"
  • Just venting.
    "I'm such a piece of s--- person, lol.I'm in a relationship with my girlfriend-we have been together for 2 years and I love and care deeply f..."
  • Screaming Thread
    "AH -Jade 2020"
  • "And this my newest account FYI lost the password to my orignal "6 6 sick""
  • "Once upon a time back in 2010 when I was an angry teenager with no life a friend introduced me to this website and here I am.About 10 years ..."
  • Jade's Playlist
    "Had to check this thread out since it had my name x)"
  • "Abilify? I'm taking that currently I think the doc said it was for my anxiety lol."
  • Pee Holding
    "I had to hold it for a couple hours the other day(work related) it sucked."
  • Ayyeee
    "Yeah...wow this brings back a lot of memories! Haha oh god I hope I'm not the only loser who remembered this site XD I have no "
  • Well sheeit.
    "But hey James, if you ever come back to read this.I remember you dude and a lot of other users, I wasted a good chunk of time on here in the..."
  • Well sheeit.
    "Holy s--- dude lmfao its been forever.I finally have time off and I was super bored, found my old tablet and looked through it and my passwo..."
  • "One more time-Daft Punk"

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