Are you a Real American?

This Quiz tells you how American you are and if you are a real American! It is asking you all the Questions you ask a real American to find out how american he or she is! Awesome!

So Are YOU a Real American? By Heart and Soul? Do YOU have everything that it needs to be the a real American? A Hero to the world and a saviour to those in need?!

Created by: Welle
  1. Do you like Hulk Hogan?
  2. Do you like Hulk Hogans Mustache?
  3. Do you like Hulkamania?
  4. Do you like War?
  5. Do you think you need more Oil?
  6. Do you think the middle East nees more democracy?
  7. Do you think Eagles are awesome?
  8. Do you think Fast Food is good for you?
  9. What about Hulk Hogan, do you like him?
  10. Finally made it! Last Question now: Who is your favourite Wrestler?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Real American?