the american dad challenge updated

Are you the ultimate American Dad fan and quiz taker? Well then go right ahead and take the test! If you truly know some difficult American Dad fan, then you will do great!

Are you going to score 100 percent? This is a moderate to strenuous quiz depending on your American Dad knowledge. But, if you score great then you will be proud of yourself!

Created by: steven swazex
  1. Who voices Jon in The Ad-ventures in Hayleysitting?
  2. Who are Steve's friends?
  3. What episode features Duper's first appearance?
  4. In the episode Flirting With Disaster what show introduction does American Dad rip off of?
  5. What episode of American Dad aired on September 30th, 2012?
  6. What episode of American Dad featured Steve going to the zoo to see gorillas?
  7. What episode features roger dressing up as Kevin Bacon?
  8. In It's Good to Be the Queen Stan kills who?
  9. Roger is found wearing a rastafarian hat in what episode?
  10. What band is Stan obsessed with in My Morning Straightjacket
  11. Stan is scared of...
  12. Stan is voiced by...
  13. What year did the pilot episode of American Dad air?
  14. Stan Works with...
  15. Forest Whitaker voices...
  16. How many episodes total are in season 1?
  17. In the ending of what episode does roger say "I can't stop!"
  18. American Dad or Family Guy?

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