I can guess one of your favorite bands

You probably love music. Like many other people. You probably have a favorite band or a few favorite bands. chose one and let's see if I can figure out what it is!

Are you a music lover? If you are, this is the right quiz for you. Chose a band and I will try to tell you what it is. Or another band hat you like. This quiz does not contain One Direction nor 5 SOS.

Created by: Kian
  1. What is your favorite genre.
  2. Which instrument is your band really good at?
  3. How many members does your band have?
  4. Does any of the members in your band have tatoos?
  5. Does the lead singer of your band play an instrument on live performances?
  6. What is your bands nationality?
  7. Do you like the songs on the radio?
  8. Does your band use curse words in their songs?
  9. Does your bands guitarist have long hair?
  10. Does your band rock in the stage?

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Quiz topic: I can guess one of my favorite bands