Do you know your band songs?

So I guess you think you know your bands.... WELL DO YOU REALLY?? Dp you think your so good you won't hit an all time low? Well miss this quiz and fall out, boy!!

Hmm I like bands bands like me ooh look wadped tour! So I guess you havnt seen a band quiz around for awhile, well take this quiz and check out you band knowledge!

Created by: Pinkpanda

  1. (Fall out boy) when romes in ruins we are the ____
  2. (All time low) here we go again wishing we can start again ____ run away with me
  3. (My chemical romance) _____ scare the living s**t outta me
  4. (Pierce the veil) my ___ for you was bullet proof but your the one who ___ me
  5. (5 seconds of summer) I don't know how you kept me up all night, Or how I got this ____
  6. (Black veil brides) in the end as you fade into the _____ who will tell the story of your life
  7. (Sleeping with sirens) if you can't ____ then there's the door
  8. (One republic) lately I've been losing sleep _____ about the things that we could be
  9. (Fall out boy) am I more than you bargained for yet? Oh don't mind me I'm watching you two from _____
  10. (One direction) you can't go to bed without a _____

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Quiz topic: Do I know my band songs?