How well do you know 30stm songs?

Do you know 30 seconds to mars songs? Well this is a quiz to test you about their songs-lyrics! It's an easy quiz for someone who loves mars songs like me maybe a little hard for someone who doesnt know them much! :D

If you want to know, thirty seconds to mars is an alternative-rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1998. Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic are the members of the band. They dont like to use the word ''fans'' to call their supporters so they call them The Echelon! marshugs

Created by: chris
  1. Come with us to the right Join in the fight Everybody run now Everybody run now
  2. All the pretty people died Innocence is out of style All the whores have gone away Now there 's nothing left for me
  3. I'm to blame, burden of my dreams A curse of faith and a blessing I believe, I believe, I believe
  4. The giants of the world, crashing down. The end is near I hear the trumpets sound
  5. My intentions never change What I wanted stays the same And I know what I should do it's time to set myself on fire
  6. Until you give Until you've used Until you've lost Until you lose
  7. Skinned her alive, ripped her apart Scattered her ashes, buried her heart
  8. I do believe in the light Raise your hands up to the sky
  9. I danced with a million devils Died from a lie for sin Made love to a million angels Murdered a million men
  10. Every time I think I'm gonna change it...It's driving me...insane

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Quiz topic: How well do I know 30stm songs?