How much do you know about Beth Crowley's Songs?

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Not many people may know of Beth Crowley or her songs but I think her lyrics and songwriting are amazing they really get you so if you do or don't know the songs take this quiz and test your knowledge.

No cheats please do not look up the answers up online for it will give you an unfair advantage but if you want to you can and not get an accurate score.

Created by: DestinyQuiz

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  1. Which book series was Warrior based on?
  2. What is the fourth line in her song Always?
  3. What book series/movie series was always based on?
  4. What series is Gone based on?
  5. Which song on it's lyric video has a Ferris wheel on the background?
  6. Which song features the line 'Deep within your twisted soul'?
  7. What is the third line of Gone?
  8. Which short song can a lot of people relate to?
  9. What two songs are based on a book series by Cassandra Clare?
  10. What year was her song 2007 released?
  11. What is the 7th line of Skin and Bones?
  12. Which songs lyric video has a background of a purple bouquet of flowers?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Beth Crowley's Songs?