Another Music Quiz

Hey there! This is not only another music quiz, but it's my second music quiz. Yet again like the other, it's mostly pop songs that I know. Although, I did make it fill in the blank instead of where you have to know the title.

So, good luck and thanks for taking my quiz. I used a lot of the songs I did in my other. I couldn't think of songs where I could change some of the lyrics to make more choices so it's kind of short. Again thanks and good luck!

Created by: Teresa22

  1. We Found Love: Yellow diamonds in the ______
  2. Tonight Tonight: La la la ______ la la la it doesn't mater
  3. E.T.: I got a ______ mind
  4. Smile: Everything has felt this right and now you're ______
  5. Skyscraper: Skies are _____ I am watching
  6. Stereo Hearts: This melody was _____ for you
  7. Someone Like You: Oh friend, why are you so ______
  8. Moves Like Jagger: You say I'm a kid ______
  9. Run This Town: Feel it coming __________
  10. Lighters: Had a dream I was ______

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