Which of my junior year teachers are you?

This quiz is for the students in my grade, wondering which teacher you get. There are four results: Mrs. Doak, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Preece and Mrs. Welch, every teacher that a student will encounter in their junior year.

Answer each question honestly, and try not to skeq the results to get your favorite junior year teacher. Enjoy your result, and know that this is just a quiz, and all of the junior year teachers are great in their own ways.

Created by: Me

  1. Your student is pulling a C+ with an 79.04%, which is .46 away from a B-. Grades are due in two weeks. What do you do?
  2. What do your students say outside of class?
  3. A student is on their phone in class. What do you do?
  4. What teaching style do you use to teach your class?
  5. How much homework do you give?
  6. When do you enter your test and quiz grades into Campus?
  7. Do you coach any teams or clubs?
  8. How do you get children to obey you?
  9. What subject would you teach?
  10. Do kids like your class?

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Quiz topic: Which of my junior year teachers am I?