Is your teacher a ghost?

Is your teacher a ghost? Is danger waiting, hidden so close to you, you don't even realize it? Is your worst nightmare waiting for you, right there, every day? Why don't you find out?

Either yes, no, or maybe. Is your teacher a ghost? Because danger...or peace, awaits for you. Find out your future. Find out how you will survive. Find out the mystery. The mystery of your teacher.

Created by: DJK3200

  1. Do your teacher always make mistakes in his/her speaking?
  2. Do your teacher often pull kids up and force them to volunteer?
  3. What coloured lunch do your teacher normally eat or likes to eat?
  4. When you ask your teacher a question, what does he/she normally say to you?
  5. What is your teacher's age?
  6. Which of the following do your teacher seems to be interested in?
  7. What is your teacher's catchphrase?
  8. When your teacher talk, what does his/her voice sounds like?
  9. When your teacher gets angry, what is normally the reason?
  10. True or false, your teacher has some kind of disease (or just acts a bit crazy sometimes)?
  11. Last question: Do you think your teacher is a ghost and did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my teacher a ghost?