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  • Is your teacher a ghost?
    [published: May 20, 2011]

    Is your teacher a ghost? Is danger waiting, hidden so close to you, you don't even realize it? Is your…

  • Are You Always Thinking What I'm Thinking?
    [published: Dec 18, 2010]

    DO you sometimes think what I sometimes think? Some people do...but some just don't.…

  • The Pop Star Quiz
    [published: Sep 11, 2010]

    You gets to work with the famous pop star Justin Evans, recreating him! But can you work well with him? This…

  • The Go Girl Quiz
    [published: Sep 1, 2010]

    Go Girl might be only for girls, but who cares? Boys might dare to take on this quiz and meet their luck as…

  • Karate Kid or Hannah Montana?
    [published: Aug 29, 2010]

    Are you Karate Kid or Hannah Montana? Who knows and why shouldn't you know? Hannah Montana is…

  • A Scary Story (Teens Only)
    [published: Aug 27, 2010]

    Are you afraid of scary movies, the dark, creepy spiders, ghosts and vampires...and all that? Maybe…

  • Why are You Kicked Out of The School?
    [published: Jul 30, 2010]

    Have you been kicked out of the school before? Have you ever been in big trouble and was…

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  • Favorite Movie(s)
    "1.Twilight 2.Small Soldiers 3.South Park 4.Bedtime Stories 5.The Pacifier this is just awesome!!!"
  • Team Edward Or Jacob
    "Press 88 for Edward Press 87 for Jacob Press 89 for none of them Press 80 if you haven't seen Twilight ("
  • " ..."
  • "Hey! I tried to log on to my quiz but it deleted itself. It was even on the Top 40 Quizzes! I made it yesterday and today its gone! I tried ..."

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