The Go Girl Quiz

Go Girl might be only for girls, but who cares? Boys might dare to take on this quiz and meet their luck as well. How well do you know Go Girl? Want to find out? Take on yourself with this quiz to see how big of a fan you really are!

Are you ready? Don't think you can't do it! If you are a total Go Girl fan, you woulnd't be scared right now. You are going to totally blow this place up. See how big of a fan you are, then! Later!

Created by: DJK3200
  1. Which country is Go Girl set in?
  2. Who is the Dancing Queen?
  3. Which boy is Mia friends with?
  4. Which three boys are Ching Ching's brothers?
  5. Which five girls were invited to Isabelle's slumber party?
  6. Whose house did Olivia sleep over at?
  7. Which two girls are Sophie's friends?
  8. Which two boys are Callum's friends?
  9. Which kind of birthday party did Annabelle have at the end?
  10. Who was Charlie's old dance teacher?
  11. Who cut off Cassie's hair?
  12. What is Isabelle's mum's name?
  13. Which website did Annabelle get her birthday party ideas off?
  14. What did Olivia buy at the tuckshop at the beginning of "Sleep Over"?

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