What Power do You have?

Destiny's Hand: a pirate ship that cannot be sunk led by a dying Captain who will not give up. His final wish before he dies is to find the legendary Devil's Eye. And who does he appoint to lead his fearless crew in search of the lost treasure, but Olivia Soldana, a brash 16-year-old girl who can outdo any man.

Kirsti Rivers is an LA girl suddenly transplanted to the small New England town of Arkham Woods. Kirsti and her mother, Victoria, are tasked with clearing out and selling the old house left to them by Silas Scadmore, Victoria's recently deceased eccentric uncle. In the basement of the house, Kirsti and her friends unwittingly unleash an ancient evil that could spell the end of the world--unless Kirsti can find a way to stop it! Arkham Woods is an original stand alone manga tale of sup---atural horror inspired by the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.

Created by: Likashutu

  1. Do people do what you say when you say it?
  2. Are you good with dogs?
  3. When you think bad things about people, does something bad happen the next day to that person?
  4. When you try to get ice out of the freezer, does it melt in under 3 seconds?
  5. Do you enjoy the freezing cold?
  6. When people ask you what they are thinking do you get it right?
  7. When you want some thing to move does it move?
  8. do you get attacked by cats often?
  9. Do you sleep above or under your cover?
  10. Do you hear voices in your head?
  11. Do you belive in powers?

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Quiz topic: What Power do I have?