What's your W&W power?

There are many magical powers that have always been mentioned but theese are among the few that are mentioned the most.Now, you can see which is yours.

Your personality tells your power. If i have your personality right, then you have a great power. If not, take it again. And again until it's right. Thanks, enjoy the quiz!

Created by: amber of witchesandwizards-s-o-m-m
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  1. You have a huge exam that's worth a big chunk of your final grade.But, there's also a big party down the street.Do you:
  2. You have to go to a meeting with a group your in. You also have some studying to do for a class. YOU:
  3. Tomorrow there's a big dance.But most of the people going are wild and careless. You:
  4. You have a project due first period. It's only homeroom so you still have time to finish it. YOU:
  5. You were given a real problem that you had to try to fix with math. No calculators allowed though. YOU:
  6. You just found out you can fly! You:
  7. You won a trip to vegas!In vegas you:
  8. You have the choice between a job at a night club, or a job at a huge office.YOU CHOOSE:
  9. You made a date for next friday. You've known you've had a meeting o that day for 3 weeks. YOU:
  10. You best friend has Telekinisis!She/he wants to keep it a secret.YOU:

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Quiz topic: What's my W&W power?