Are you Justin Bieber's dream girl?

Ok there are a lot of quizzes about Justin Bieber's dream girl (or something like that) but all they ask you is your interests, not really the way you are. It's hard to find quizzes that ask if you have a great personality that will make Justin want to like you. But thanks to this AWESOME quiz it asks you the real questions that really counts!

So are you the true Mrs. Bieber? Or the girl of Justin Bieber's dream. Until now you could only think, "Will I? OMG! I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!!" But once you take this quiz you'll be like, "Oh finally! I now know that I have (YOUR PERCENTAGE SCORE) chances of being Justin Bieber's dream girl." So take the quiz NOW if your dying to know!

Created by: Janette
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you funny?
  2. Do you take things too seriously?
  3. Do you goof around?
  4. Do you judge people?
  5. Do you wear uggs?
  6. Are you going to college?
  7. Do you love music?
  8. Are you laid-back?
  9. Do you smile often?
  10. Do you have nice eyes?
  11. Are you nice?
  12. Are you a Bieber hater?
  13. Are you a bully?
  14. Do you keep secrets?
  15. Are you trustworthy?
  16. Are you honest? (answers will be based in general)
  17. Are you racist?
  18. Are you out-going and NOT shy?
  19. Are you a brunette? (points will not be taken off if it's a no this is just a bonus)
  20. Are you a blonde/dirty blonde? (points will not be taken off if it's a no this is just a bonus)
  21. Are you taller than Justin Bieber?
  22. Are you left-handed? (no effect if it's a no this is just a bonus)
  23. Do you and Justin have things in common?
  24. Make-up...
  25. Do you LOVE Justin Bieber?
  26. Do you have a positive attitude?
  27. Are do you have high maintenance?
  28. Sex?

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Quiz topic: Am I Justin Bieber's dream girl?