are you and Justin Bieber meant to be?

Many girls say Im Justin Biebers wife.Or I am the one for him.Nobody really knows for sure.Well what does Justin Bieber really like in a girl?Well do you know?Do you think Justin Bieber loves you?

Thanks to my quiz you will know if Justin Bieber and you were meant to be.Or if it's just all in your head.This will determine if you and Justin are friends or more than friends!

Created by: BabiiCakez
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What do you notice 1st about JB?
  3. Where would you rather go when on a date?
  4. Which of these girls are you most like?
  5. Which of these girls do you most look like?
  6. Which of these words explain your personality?
  7. If you were at a Justin concert you...
  8. Is it true you hate JB?
  9. What do you love most about JB?
  10. What do you hate about him?
  11. Do you think JB would date you?

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Quiz topic: Am I and Justin Bieber meant to be?