How much do you know Justin Bieber?

Theres many Justin Drew Bieber fans out on this world.But very few know his True secrets..are you onne of them?In just a few moments you'll find out!!

Are you a huge fan of Justin Bieber?Do you know all his living secrets?Do you have the brainpower to figure out those secrets?Until now you can only stop and wonder...

Created by: Tailey
  1. What's his favorite color?
  2. What's his favorite candy?
  3. What's his favorite soda?
  4. What's his favorite food?
  5. What's his favorite singer?
  6. Who told Justiin Bieber face to face "I love you" when we was singing One Less Lonely Girl on stage.
  7. What's his middle name?
  8. What month was he born?
  9. What day as he born?
  10. What exact year was he born?
  11. What's his mom's name?
  12. What's his dad's name?
  13. What is his favorite number?
  14. What was the first song he made?
  15. Whats his first Girl Friend's name?
  16. How old is he?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Justin Bieber?