How Well Do You Know Justin Bieber's Songs?

There is many people who like his music, but only a few people who literally LOVE his music! Always singing and dancing to his music with your JB signed iPod plugged into your fancy iHome!

Do YOU love his music? Do you have every shirt and sneaker of his, all the dolls and iPod signed cases, the real card-board cut outs and that magical tiara that says Mrs. Bieber in cursive? Well, conquer 15 questions and lets see?

Created by: justinbieberfan
  1. What is the song name of these lyrics? Keep keep climbing to the mountain top your world, is my world?
  2. What lyrics match this song? Song: Baby?
  3. What is the song name of these lyrics? Its a big big world, its easy to get lost in?
  4. Is this a real song lyric? They say that hate is great, so let them think walk of doves?
  5. How many times does he say Ehy in one time?
  6. Is Dove Lee a real song by him?
  7. What is his newest song that came out? EASY?
  8. What song is this and what language? Criez juste toutes les fois que, et je serai lA!
  9. Does Justin Bieber sing any of these songs listed? Pray When I grow up Big night Fireflies?
  10. Is his voice higher in Baby than any other songs?
  11. How many songs does he have?
  12. Is his voice edited?
  13. Fill in the blanks I always knew you were the ____ the _______ girl to know, so ________ than all the rest the ____ of my show.
  14. Fill in the blanks If u believe in ____ and u _______ in us, we can __ nowhere but __
  15. What lyrics go to Born To Be Somebody?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Justin Bieber's Songs?