How Well Do You Know Your Justin Bieber Songs?

Many people don't know many of Justin's songs.But do you know them?Until now you could only wonder.So a person who knews his songs need to take this quiz.

Are you a genius who knows most of Justins songs?Until now you could only wonder so take this amazing quiz to find out if you know Justin Bieber's songs and you will find in only a few minutes!

Created by: Cindy
  1. Name this song "My friends say I am a fool to that you're the one for me"
  2. Name this song "I'll buy you any thing I'll but you any ring"
  3. Name this song "I just can't sleep tonight knowing that things ain't right"
  4. Name this song "This is so wrong I can't go on"
  5. Name this song "You're the light that feeds the sun in my world"
  6. Name this song "I never thought that I could walk through fire"
  7. Name this song "Now Romeo and Juliet bet they never felt the way we felt"
  8. Name this song "How many I told Ya's and start overs and shoulders have you cried on before"
  9. Name this song "I just need somebody to love"
  10. Name this song "They say that haters can scent"

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Justin Bieber Songs?