How well do you know Justin Bieber??

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This quiz is for Justin Bieber lovers and who want to marry him someday.. Not for people to be mean.. Its to see how much girls(and guys) really know about him..

I love Justin Bieber and I know everything about him So I wanted to see how much other people knew about him too.. Check out my Poll too!! Don't forget to Rate!!

Created by: Tiffany

  1. What is Justin Bieber's favorite color?
  2. What is Justin Bieber's dad's name?
  3. When is Justin Bieber's birthday?
  4. How tall is Justin Bieber?
  5. What's Justin Bieber's favorite number?
  6. What is Justin Bieber's favorite candy??
  7. What is his shoe size??
  8. What is Justin Bieber's favortie drink
  9. What's Justin Bieber's favorite song that HE wrote??
  10. What is Justin Bieber's eye color??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Justin Bieber??