Do you have BIEBER FEVER?!

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Do you have BIEBER FEVER?This quiz allows you to test your skills on Justin Beiber.If you know anything about Justin, and think you are a true fan, you should try this quiz.

Are you a true fan?Justin Bieber is a 16 year old boy who followed his DREAM.He is a very good example to everyone with a dream. If you think you know more than anyone else than take this quiz.!!!!!!

Created by: Andria/Audrey
  1. What is Justin's favorite color?
  2. When is Justin's birthday?
  3. What is Justin's favorite food?
  4. Who was Justin's last girlfriend?
  5. What is Justin's shoe size?
  6. How tall is Justin?
  7. What is Justin's middle name?
  8. What is Justin's little sister's name?
  9. Who featured in Justin's song "Baby"?
  10. Who is Justin's BEST friend?
  11. BONUS:Are you in LOVE with Justin Bieber?

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Quiz topic: Do I have BIEBER FEVER?!