Yellow Fever Quiz

Yellow fever has caused many terrible epidemics over the history of the world! It is facinating to discover the world of yellow fever, and the devestation!

Do you think you know a lot about this awful disease? This quiz will put that to the test! The quiz is tough, and is down to the nearest detail about yellow fever, a terrible disease! Good luck!

Created by: Matt
  1. In what year, did a devestating yellow fever epidemic strike Philadelphia?
  2. Does yellow fever still exist today?
  3. Can yellow fever be spread from person to person?
  4. With proper treatment, how many of yellow fever victims die?
  5. What color vomit do patients frequently have?
  6. Who wrote Fever 1793?
  7. Why is it called yellow?
  8. What insect spreads yellow fever?
  9. In 1793, which race was used as doctors?
  10. When did the yellow plague (yellow fever) strike Europe?

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