Are you a lady?

Hello... Are you a lady of the first class, blue blood type? Or just an average middle school grrrrl with garbage on the mind. Well, let's find out!

Good luck: and remember, don't take your result seriously. It's all just for fun and most people aren't a lady anyway! Now back to my horseback riding lessons, just kidding!

Created by: Gertrud
  1. How much do you read?
  2. What kinda clothes do you wear?
  3. You see a woman spilling her coffee. What do you do?
  4. What do you think of school and History?
  5. Are you 'lovely'?
  6. What is your hair like?
  7. Nationality?
  8. Favourite brands...
  9. Google Heino (German singer).
  10. Me oh my, do you know nerdy sayings?

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Quiz topic: Am I a lady?