Ghost Adventures Trivia

The Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) does a lot of extreme ghost hunting. They travel to places around the world to prove the fact that ghosts exsist. I believe they do. I am a huge huge fan of GA. Are you??

There is a lot to know about the GAC (ghost adventures crew). You may wonder if you know a lot. To find out if you do or not, take this quiz! You'll find out the truth.

Created by: Erin Elizabeth
  1. True or False: Zak Bagans has a middle name.
  2. Zak, Nick, and Aaron were born in the same month. Which one is it?
  3. Is Zak married?
  4. Is Nick married?
  5. Is Aaron married?
  6. Which episode was it that Zak got possessed (really bad)?
  7. Which place was it that a woman got her head chopped off and someone got pushed down the stairs?
  8. Has Nick ever been possessed?
  9. Has Aaron ever been possessed?
  10. In the epidose Bobby Mackey's Music World, what evidence whas captured in Johanna's (probably spelled wrong) room?
  11. In the Houghton mansion, what evidence was captured against the front door?
  12. What fell in the Riddle House during the investigation?
  13. while investigating in the wolf manor, when coming out of the crosshairs, what does Zak feel?
  14. During the gettysburg investigation, at the engine house, what noises are heard?
  15. Last question: (probably the most important and rather easy) which of the group is best known for his "wimpiness"?

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