How Well Do You Know Big Time Rush?

Big Time Rush is a great show on Nickelodeon. It showcases the journey that the boys take from their small town to Hollywood. Their adventures are always funny.

Are you a Big Time Super Fan? Could you tell me the name of the Palm Wood's Ghost? Or finish the lyrics to "Any kind of guy you want girl, that's the guy I'll be...?" Let's see...

Created by: lgkavanagh
  1. How many members of Big Time Rush are there?
  2. What is the name of Kendall's little sister?
  3. What is the name of the girl that all the boys fall for in the episode "Big Time Love Song?"
  4. Where are the guys from?
  5. Who is Gustavo's "Executive in charge of making people do what I say!"
  6. What is James' last name on the show?
  7. What is the name of the mathematician that Logan goes to see at the all girls school?
  8. Carlos gets a job as Gustavo's assistant. He destroys a prototype named what?
  9. In "Big Time Audition" Kelly calls Kendall "Tall, blonde, and..." what?
  10. What is the main competition for BTR in the episode "Big Time Demos?"
  11. Who is the Palm Woods method actress queen?
  12. Who does BTR sing "Count on You" with?
  13. Guitar Dude originally played what instrument?
  14. Who is Katie's con-artist "friend?"
  15. Which 2 members are the self-proclaimed "Hollywood Party Kings of Hollywood?"
  16. Finish the Lyric: "In the middle of a perfect day, I'm tripping over..."
  17. Finish the Lyric: "Rolling past graffiti walls, billboards lighting up the block..."
  18. Finish the Lyric: "We're halfway there, we're looking good now..."

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Big Time Rush?