Big Time Rush Quiz

You know about BTR, right? They're pop band that got their own TV show on Nickelodeon. The series is about how the boys rise to stardom with the help of Gustavo, Kelly, Katie, and all their friends at the Palmwoods.

Now is the time to see whether or not you have been paying attention to of all the episodes. This quiz will span several episode from Season 1 to Season 4 and test your knowledge. Let's go!

Created by: Michael Rupert
  1. In "Big Time Audition", who did Gustavo believe had the best singing before the boys arrived?
  2. In "Big Time Fever", James used tanning spray to paint himself what color?
  3. In "Big Time Moms", it is revealed that Logan's real name is...
  4. In "Big Time Pranks", who comes in fifth place in the prank war?
  5. In "Big Time Pranks 2", what ranking did Carlos get in the prank war?
  6. In "Big Time Strike", what did Gustavo install to make the boys go on strike?
  7. In "Green Time Rush", Katie, Kelly, Gustavo, and Obdul tried to get Griffin to do what?
  8. In "Big Time Party", the boys got the first of the 3 strikes necessary to evict them for..
  9. In "Big Time Crib", what was Jo's role in the boy's plan?
  10. In "Big Time Double Date", what type of music do Lucy's parents believe she plays?
  11. In "Big Time Superheroes", what is the name of Carlos's alter ego?
  12. In "Big Time Break Up", where does Jo have to move to play a part in the movie?
  13. In "Big Time Bonus", how does Logan end up losing his money?
  14. In "Big Time Video", who did the boys have pose as a director?
  15. In "Big Time Beach Party", how did Kendall and Tad settle their dispute?
  16. In "Big Time Merchandise", what product ends up being put on the market?
  17. In "Big Time Blogger", who does Gustavo accidentally insult?
  18. In "Big Time Concert", who do the boys give Sebastian to?
  19. In "Big Time Single", what does Katie spend the entire episode trying to do?
  20. In "Big Time Movie", who was shot with tranquilizer darts the most?
  21. In "Big Time Mansion", which of the following was NOT a mansion-sitting rule?
  22. Which of the following episodes had Griffin popping a surprise corporate evaluation test on Rocque Records?
  23. At the end of "Big Time Dreams", Griffin buys Sharkus's company to produce _______, making him the biggest CEO in America.

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