A Big time Rush short Story #1 Pt.4

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ummary: Carlos gets his learners permit but isn't so thrilled. Isn't that a little... WEIRD? Well Kendall gets concerned and tries to help his energetic little buddy. Logan also tries to hurt himself for unknown reasons. Pairing: Kendall and Carlos. Later will be Carlos and Logan..

Disclaimer: I don't own Big Time rush.. Sadly. That would be so awesome if I did though. Right? Other things to say: ok so, it might be a few parts. I didn't think it was going to be so long. sorry people. But give this a chance.

Created by: AmazingAuthor
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  1. OK. I need to clear things up. So.. The part when Carlos got "stabbed in the stomache". I meant that the knife kinda nicked at him and took some of his skin away. Sorry.. should have said that before. :s
  2. Oh! And one thing to Firey_Soul, Love me Love is a catchy song! All the band members wrote it and yeah.. What did you think of the other songs?
  3. I picked up the flashlight. It was the pink one that Logan has. I thought for about 5 minutes. "Are you ever going to leave me?" Kendall's voice shook a little bit as he talked. I smoothed his hair. "No, I'd never do that." I smiled. "You promise?" he asked. "I promise." I said. Kendall snuggled closer to me. "I love you Carlitos." Kendall yawned. "I love you to Kenny." by the time I said that, Kendall was already asleep. He looked so cute. I heard another slamming door and it kinda woke Kendall up. "Huh?" he barely opened his eyes. "It's nothing, Kenny, just go back to bed." I said. Kendall nodded and went back to sleep almost instantly. Suddenly, I saw Logan's shadow walk by. "Logan?" I asked. "Aren't you supposed to be getting swallowed by Kendall?" he asked sourly. He took off his shirt which had water on it. "I'm sorry.. I-" he just sighed. "It's ok, buddy." I said. Logan sat down next to me. He turned to face me like he had something to say. "Carlos, I don't know how to say this..." he trailed. "What?" I said. "I- I-.. I don't like corn bread so I don't like Corndogs!" he said and put his head in his hands.
  4. I could tell that wasn't the real problem but I just went with it. "It's ok." I said. Kendall started to toss and tumble in his sleep. I rubbed his back and he calmed down a little. Logan squirmed uncomfortably as he watched. I heard sniffling coming from him. I picked up the flashlight and shined it on him. When I did, I saw him. There was dirt smudged on his face and clothes. His left eye had crust in it and looked a little lot swollen and was red. His dirt covered clothes were torn. "Logan.." I muttered and ripped a piece of his clothes to wipe his eye. "What happened to you?" I licked my thumb and rubbed it on his face to get some dirt off. "I was pushed into an ally and got beat up." Logan said. "Well, what's wrong with your eye?" I asked. "Oh, I got pink eye yesterday." Logan gave me hand sanitizer. I squirted some into my hands and rubbed it in. I smiled as the scent of cookies filled the area. "You should go to bed. You'll feel better in the morning." I said. "yeah.. I guess I will." Logan gave me a quick hug and went to the our room. Kendall started to stir in his sleep again. "Stop.. I told you I don't want to.. daddy" Kendall mumbled. His sleep talking kinda stopped for a second. "Carlos.. Carlos no.. Don't leave me." He gripped onto my shirt really hard then let go of me completely. "Sh Sh sh.. I won't ever leave you. I promised." I whispered in his ear. Sweat started to bead onto his forehead. I wiped it away and kissed his forehead. Kendall woke up suddenly. "C-C-Carlos?" he whimpered. He hugged my body tightly and cried very hard. He shook with the cries that sounded more like screams. i rubbed his back. "It's ok baby. Can you tell me what's wrong?" I asked. Kendall just continued with his scream cries.
  5. "What if my dad finds me and hurts me more than he evre did?" Kendall asked. "He wont." I cupped his head in my hands. "don't worry about it. I pressed a kiss on his lips. Kendall smiled at me and kissed me. "You make me feel safe." was all he said as he drifted back to sleep. *****************TIME SHIFT******************* A week later, Kendall made me go driving with him. While he was telling me how to not hit a tree while trying to park (cuz I kinda did but the dent wasn't to bad. We could just pull away. "OK.. Then you... then... Switch seats with me." Kendall ordered. "uh.. ok..." I unbuckled my seatbelt and switched with Kendall. As soon as we were both settled, he backed out of the tree and sped off. "What the matter." I asked. Kendall looked me dead in the eye at a red light. "I saw my father."
  6. That's it for now!!!
  7. So.. today, I saw a cat trying to climb a tree.
  8. I Don't know what to say. OH! What do you guys want short story #2 to be about?
  9. I think it should be a sick fic.. You know the ones when somene is sick and someone else takes care of them.. it's gonna be really cute...
  10. Well bye bye everyone!

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