A Big Time Rush short story #1 Pt.3

Summary: Carlos gets his learners permit but isn't so thrilled. Isn't that a little... WEIRD? Well Kendall gets concerned and tries to help his energetic little buddy. Logan also tries to hurt himself for unknown reasons. Pairing: Kendall and Carlos. Later will be Carlos and Logan..

Disclaimer: I don't own Big Time rush.. Sadly. That would be so awesome if I did though. Right? Other things to say: ok so, it might be a few parts. I didn't think it was going to be so long. sorry people. But give this a chance.

Created by: AmazingAuthor
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  1. OK.. Before I start, I'd like to rant about something that somewhat upset me... Someone commented saying that Big Time Rush was for the younger kids. Well, I completely disagree. People of all ages love Big Time rush. My sister does, she's 16, I'm pretty sure my dad likes them at least a little bit. And people in Europe are 10-20 years older than me and they just love BTR. The same person said that 1D was more mature. Really? Like BTR, they are loved by a lot of different age groups. I'm not trying to pick a fight or anything, but I'm just putting my opinion out there like you put yours. And if any of you don't like this, don't take it.. I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing you to take this quiz..
  2. Where did we leave off?
  3. Kendall for once, was speechless. "Kendall.." I set Logan back onto the bed and walked towards him. "Please, just stay away from me." Kendall slammed the door right in my face. "I'm sorry Carlos.. I just muck everything up all the time." Logan said quietly. "No, you don't. Now just lay down and.. take a nap to clear your head." I kissed his forehead and left. It didn't take long to find Kendall. I found him sitting in the hallway cutting himself with a knife. "Kendall!" I shouted, glad I found him and shocked that he was doing this to himself. "I told you to leave me alone." Kendall slid the knife on his skin going a bit deeper. "I know.. But I couldn't." I sat down next to him. "Give me the knife." I took part of it in my hands. Kendall shook his head and tried to get the knife out of my grasp. I pulled on it and we kinda got into a fight over it. Kendall let go of the knife before I thought he would since he is usually a little more stubborn. Well, when he let go, I was still tugging really hard and the knife jabbed it's way into my tummy. I grunted a little and pulled it out. "Carlos..." Kendall ran his hand over the cut. He then propped his head on his knees and just stayed like that. "This is my fault." he began to softly cry. I didn't say anything I couldn't say anything. I felt like crying because of the pain I was feeling right now. The pain in my tummy and the pain that I accidentally caused Kendall.
  4. Suddenly, I heard loud sobs coming from Kendall. I rubbed his back and kissed the top of his head. "It's ok, I'm not hurt really." I said. Kendall was going to disagree with me but a bright flash of lightning came with a loud thunder clap. He dug his head into my shoulder, shaking violently from his cries and sobs. "It's ok if your scared of the thunder, you know." I said. Kendall just kept crying and as he did that, I thought of a perfect song for our second album. I thought about the notes and how it'd sound. After I had about half of it thought out, Kendall told me something that broke my heart. "I'm sorry, It's just that my dad told me something that you accidentally did to me. I know you were just trying to help the boy and we know that if you wanna help Logan, you have to get close with him and hold him and make him feel loved. But.." Kendall couldn't finish. He just kinda broke down into his sobs again. "Shh... It's ok. Are you sure you wanna tell me?" I rubbed circles on his back. He nodded and got a small case of the hiccups. "Well, (hiccup) when I was younger, (hiccup) he did everything that he did to my mom (hiccup) because of me. He beat her and raped me when he was drunk (hiccup) which was all of the time." he paused for a few seconds so he could hiccup a few times. "You want me to get you some water?" I asked. Kendall nodded. I got up and brang him a bottle. He said thank you and drank at least 1/4 of it.
  5. "Thanks." Kendall said as he put the bottle down. I sat in a different way to be more comfortable. A really loud clap of thunder sounded with bright lightning and the power went out. I held onto Kendall's hand to let him know I was there. Kendall scooted close to me and put his head back onto my shoulder. "He also told me that if I try to be in a relationship, my partner would cheat on me because since I'm am ugly and a disgrace and stuff like that." he stopped breathing for a second as if he were thinking. "Do you believe that?" I asked. Kendall nodded. "Why?" I lifted Kendall into my lap "Well, whenever I look in the mirror, I see this weird looking blonde boy with creepy eyes and eyebrows that need to be trimmed. And then I just look weird...." he said. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Kendall was the hottest boy I have ever seen in my entire life. How could he think that he was an ugly person? "You're not ugly. I would say that your handsome, but that doesn't even describe you." I thought for a second. "What did your mom do?" I asked. "Nothin'. She said that anything that happens between me and my father wasn't her problem." he said. That didn't really sound like Mrs. Knight. "I'm sorry that happened to you, Kenny." I said quietly. "It's not your fault." he said. "I know. I just feel bad that that happened to you." I gave a small smile. "Carlos?" he asked. "Hm?" I hummed. "I love you." he sat up on me and put his arms around my neck. "I love you to." I smiled wider as Kendall's lips connected with mine. He licked my bottom lip and I licked his. Then our tongues touched at first, I backed mine away because, this is my first kiss. I never kissed Maria when I was dating her.. I know it's weird. "I'm sorry, You weren't ready for that." Kendall said backing away. "No, no I was very ready! I just, I-" Kendall cut me off. "Just had your first kiss without falling? It's ok. Just follow my lead." he said and kissed me again. I was scared, cuz this was a little new to me. But in the end. I liked it.
  6. Light was shone on us so I broke away. When Kendall and I looked, all I saw was the flash light on the ground. I had a feeling it was Logan. Suddenly, a door slammed.
  7. So, what do you think happened? And What did you think about this? Tell me all this in the comments please!!
  8. It's A pillow. It's a pet. It's a pillow pet!!
  9. Have you guys seen the old and new zoo pals commercials? It's sad what the new one is...
  10. Ok, Bye everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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