A Big TIme Rush short Story #1 Pt.5

Summary: Carlos is finally learning to drive and Kendall's happy for him. But while that's going on. Kendall start meeting up with his abusive father and everything is just sucky.

Disclaimer: I don't own BTR in anyway. I'd love it if I did. We'd be the best of friends. Other things to say: I am so sorry I was to tired to write. I am a terrible person.:(

Created by: AmazingAuthor
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  1. "Oh.." Was all I could say. Kendall pulled over to the side and slumped over the the wheel. He covered his face and wept over the wheel. "Kenny.." I put my hand on his arm and he swatted it away. I licked my lips. I didn't know what to do. Kendall began to shake real bad. His breathing became a little more like wheezing. He pulled something out of his pocket, an asthma inhaler. He put it to his lips. I had no idea he had asthma. Kendall's breathing slowly became normal. "I'm sorry.. I'm just really scared... I have never felt so helpless before..." he trailed. "It's ok. I understand." I said putting my hand onto his back. "Really?" Kendall looked at me with puffy eyes. His face looked a little flushed. "No.. Not really.. I was trying to make you feel better." I said slowly. Kendall sighed. "I'm fine." Kendall said quickly, still shaking really bad. "Will you hold me, Carlitos?" Kendall whimpered. I nodded as Kendall got out of the seat and into my lap. He cried into my shirt, but I didn't care. I kissed his forehead, which was really warm. "Carlitos, I'm cold." he said, his cheeks more flushed then before. I nodded. "Better?" I asked and turned off the the ac. "No, I'm cold and my head is aching like hell, and my stomach doesn't feel to good." I looked at him. He was sweating and was real pail besides the flush in his cheeks. I felt his forehead. It was warmer than before. "You're really warm. You wanna go home?" I asked. "No!!!" Kendall said urgently while getting up really quickly. "We have to go somewhere else. At least I have to." I have a feeling he got himself a little dizzy by the way he feel back onto my shoulder and moaned.
  2. I rubbed his back. "Alright baby. Anything you want." I kissed his cheek. "We have to tell my mom though.." Kendall muttered someting else, but I couldn't understand. He looked up at me.His eyes looked so much like a little kids. They were big with innocence and pupils slightly dilated with curiosity. "You have the cutest face." I said, on accident. "Tell me something I don't know." Kendall smiled. I smiled back at him and kissed his forehead and cheek multiple times, making Kendall giggle. "And what am I to you?" I asked. "Your my little Carlitos. Always innocent, and have a way to make anyone blush." Kendall said without any thought. "That's not very special, you know making people blush." I said. "Is it special I love you?" Kendall looked into my eyes. I nodded. Kendall kissed my lips. "cuz, I do. I love you Carlitos." He kissed my lips again. His tongue hit a spot in my mouth that made me moan. "I love you to Kenny." I said while catching my breath. I smiled at him, loving how innocent he still looked. I pressed another kiss to his forehead. It was hotter than it was before. "How're you feeling?" I asked. "My stomach doesn't feel like it's burning right now but my head is still pounding. And it's still cold." Kendall's face was even paler and his cheeks were more flushed. "oh my poor Kenny." I mumbled before ruffling his hair. "We're going back to 2J right now." I said. Kendall nodded with his head still in my shoulder. "You drive. And trust me.. You can." Kendall croaked, not quite looking me into the eyes when he said the last part. "don't talk anymore baby. I don't want you hurting your voice." I said as I made sure Kendall was in the front seat the right way and got into the drivers seat. Kendall nodded and took a nap. His Kendall's Samsung Infuse range(the goofy goober song) and vibrated in his shirt pocket. I reached over to pick it up but Kendall's hand slapped mine. "Don't you even think about it." He picked it up. "Hello.. Oh.. Oh really... Can I bring Jeffery? The giraffe from toys are us! Fine.. We'll be there I guess. Bye." Kendall hung up. "We have to go to Roque Records." he sighed. "That's Just perfect." I muttered.
  3. At Roque Records, Kendall overworked himself and passed out. Right there. On the Floor. I first noticed. Usually Kendall and the rest of us are fooling around. Well the rest of us were, but Kendall wasn't. While I was talking with Logan, trying to get him to be a little happier since he has been a little down lately. I heard a thud. It was Kendall. He was laying on the ground with his hand on his stomach. I just assumed that he was a bit tired so I walked over to him to wake him up. "Hey, Kenny." I whispered. Logan walked up to me with a sour expression. "If you wanna wake someone up, you don't whisper. How are they supposed to hear you?" Logan said. I smiled and rolled my eyes. "Hey Kendall!" I shouted. He didn't budge. I started to become worried. I put my hand to his forehead. It was really hot. "Logan! Come feel Kendall's forehead!" I shouted. "You didn't need to shout. I'm right here." Logan said and put his hand on Kendall's forehead. "Whoa.. Go get something cold... I think he passed out by the way." Logan said. I nodded and got up to go find something. While I was, I bumped into Kelly. "Oh, sorry Kelly. Do you have something cold?" I asked. "something cold?" she answered. I nodded. "Like a cold pack?" she said motioning me to follow her. "Uh.. sure?" I said. I'm not very sure what that it is but I just agreed and assumed it would work. Kelly got something out of a freezer. She opened a cabinet. "choose one." she held out to cloths. One had Patrick and SpongeBob. And the other had Squidward on it. I chose the one with SpongeBob and Patrick. She put a pack in it and wrapped it up. "Here. And tell Kendall I said to get better." She smiled. I nodded. "Thanks Kelly." I said and got the pack to Logan. He smiled as he looked at the cloth. "Thanks Carlos." he said. I smiled as Kendall woke up. "Uuugggghhh.. My stomach hurts." Kendall moaned and put his hand to his stomach.
  4. "I'm sorry buddy... Keep this on your forehead. It's going to get your fever down." Logan said. Kendall nodded. "Thanks Logie." he said, His voice hoarse. He looked at me and weakly smiled. I smiled back and took his head. I saw Logan's chin slightly tremble, the way it always does when he was sad. Kendall noticed also. "Carlitos? Can you go talk to James.. He's lonely.. In the bathroom..." Kendall said slowly. I nodded and slowly walked to the bathroom. What did he have to say to Logan that was so important? "Hey." I said as I walked into the bathroom.
  5. James looked up from the mirror. He smiled at me. "Hey Buddy." he said and studied my face. His smiled dropped. "What's the matter?" he walked up to me and put his arm around me. I shrugged and made this weird "ca-pshiz" sound. "C'mon, you can tell me." he said. I looked at him and saw his smiling face. I can't lie to that face. "Well I'm Just thinking..." I said. "Well, I've never seen you think." James said. I took on an offended face. "Oh! I don't mean it that way! I just mean, I never paid much attention." James started to go on like that. "This isn't coming out right." he said after he finished rambling. "Yeah, no kidding." I said. "Forget that. What are you thinking about?" James asked. "Nothing.." I lied. "You just told me that you were thinking.. How could you be thinking about nothing?" James asked. I shrugged. "I don't know." I mumbled. "If your thinking about Emily Osment.. I already know that she's your favorite singer." James smiled. How did he know? I only wrote that I liked her in my secret notebook. (It's not A diary!!) "How..?" I trailed. "So.. I read you diary, whatever." James smiled. "Hey, how do you feel about cornmeal?" he asked after a moment of thinking. I looked at him. "Why are you asking all these questions?" I asked. "I don't know.. I'm just asking." James said. "Well cornmeal's ok." I said. "Would soup make you stop thinking?" he asked. "And by the way I want you to stop thinking because it's obviously putting stress on you." he said. How did he know that I was stressed. As if reading my mind James answered my thought. "I mean, you're getting those worry lines on your forehead and for the first time, your not smiling. And if you do, it kinda looks like your forcing it onto your face." he said. That just broke me. I spilled everything on my thoughts.
  6. "Wow... For a little guy, you have a lot of things on your mind all about one thing!" James said after I finished. Then a new thought came into mind. Maria. She was killed in a car crash. to save an animal.. What if I kill Kendall? I know it would be an accident, but I don't think I could live with myself if that happens. I suddenly didn't even want to get into a car again. "James?" I asked. "Hm?" He looked up at me. "could you teach me to drive instead of Kendall? I don't wanna kill him on accident." I said. James looked at me with an insulted face. "And you wanna kill me instead?" he said. "Oh.. I didn't mean it like that. It's just that I care about Kendall. Not that I don't care about you cuz, I do a lot. It just that-" James put a finger to my lips. "I get it. Don't worry. And sure. I'll teach you to drive. Keep in mind, I forget which way is left." James said. He held the door opened for me and I walked out with my hands shoved in my pockets. "You boys only have one minute left of your break." Kelly said while walking by. "s---." James muttered. I sighed and thought. I decided to go back to where Logan and Kendall were. Kendall was asleep on a couch, slightly drooling and snoring. Logan was asleep also, upside down on the couch. Gustavo came out. "Dogs!" He yelled even though we were all right there. Logan woke up, startled and fell. Kendall stayed asleep. "I'm giving you dogs the rest of the day off so I can write a song for your second album." Gustavo shouted. "Cool!" James and I high fived. Logan smiled. "GET OUT!!!" Gustavo screamed. James ran out with Logan. I stared at Kendall. I didn't want to wake him. He looked so cute! I got Kendall into my arms without him waking up. He snuggled into me, slightly grabbing my shirt. I slowly made my way for the exit.
  7. While we were going back to the Palm woods, James decided to go buy some more Cuda man spray. Every now and then Kendall would point out a weird item in the store. Suddenly Kendall stopped walking to look at a man admiring a cheese display. Kendall started to slap my shoulder frantically. "G-guys? Carlos and I need to go take a piss." kendall said, his voice shaking. I looked at the guy at the cheese display. He felt me staring and looked up and smiled. He had Kendall's blonde hair and green eyes. I was suddenly jerked by Kendall and I knocked down a Cereal display. (Why have a display for cereal?) There were six words that were going through my mind. This is a pile of s---.
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