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Random Btr LyricsGuys like me, Like girls like you And girls like you Like guys like me (You know) [Kendall:] I blaze the night In harbor lights You dressin' light It's fittin' right I hear the waves I see you wave I'm stayin' put You say "no way"

The track begins, You pull me in I touch your skin You're tremblin' It's in your eyes You're here to win So let the game, game beginI I I I Wanna see you, you, you, you Telling me That, that That you got what I need, Do pretty girl, don't speak

Created by: AmazingAuthor

  1. Ok so first of all... Hi
  2. So Aria, I have read your Writers that need to be recognized and I thought WOW!!! that girl is really sweet. And you are probably the only people I know who'd do that. and yeah. I guess that's all I need tio say.
  3. So would you read this quiz that I made before, It's Complicated? I started it but quit because I lost almost everybody who read it. I have never been very popular when it comes to stories even though all my friends who read them say that I am an amazing author. So yeah...
  4. I also have a question. If you liked a boy your bestfriend also liked and all of your other friends just told him to ask him out but I don't wanna hurt her.
  5. I almost forgot. tell me whether I should continue It's Complicated in the comments.
  6. so... do you like listening to music?
  7. was this a waste of your time?
  8. Do you like pie?
  9. You know you could've just skipped to the end.
  10. Well bye noow!!!!

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