Hope and Love for Aria

Aria. We all love and miss you greatly. Please, please come back to us. Without you, everything will be so much different... so cold, so lonely...

But we'll always be here. No matter what.

Created by: Allycat
  1. So, most of you have heard about how Aria swallowed a pin.
  2. @natuhleegayle and @Hogwartslove have already both made quizzes informing everyone of Aria's state.
  3. Aria, as we know, has been the one supporting many quiz series and writers. Because of this, I felt like I had to actually do something. I have completely prayed my head off and I'm crying as I reread comments of updates.
  4. I'm just sitting here, motionless, thinking about how she could always make me and many other people laugh and smile. God, please help her..
  5. I feel really guilty.. We used to chat a lot and then we lost contact. The email she sent to me says exactly, "Sup?"...and I never replied.
  6. But anyway, she's a really close friend, and she's been there by my side since I started my series. She means so much to me that I can't explain.
  7. I feel so bad... I can only imagine the pain she and her family are in...
  8. Aria deserves so much better...
  9. Aria, I know you're probably not reading this..
  10. But we all love you. We need you to come home.
  11. Please, Aria.

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